Urban Planning

Master Planning

L.A.C.E. Lebanon is known for the Master Planning and Design Capabilities. From city wide comprehensive plans to detailed developments for private projects, we are uniquely qualified to provide solutions for a wide range of development issues.

Our Professional Experience in the 20 years our Urban Design Department had the opportunity to work on various projects throughout the region, all the way from zoning ordinances and annexation studies to comprehensive land plans, and reached revolutionary concepts for spatial concept design and architecture design background.

Our talented team of professionals brings depth and creativity to each assignment, and we guarantee to provide our deliberate attention to the client’s needs to Create Workable Solutions that are ready for implementation.

This talented team with a broad scope of style and knowledge remains focused to provide high level of customer satisfaction. The company understands that creativity is all about giving the right fervor to the imagination that would enable to make a pleasant ambiance for living and to enjoy.

The company uses intelligently the colors, texture, accessories and skills in designing and undertakes challenging projects in commercial and residential areas in a challenging time limit.